Pegasus Falling

Pegasus Falling's new cover artworkPublished in March 2012 and currently available as an ebook and paperback

***FINALIST – The Kindle Book Review Best Indie Books of 2012***

“Powerful, raw and emotive” The Kindle Book Review

“This is an intrigu­ing story, grip­ping from the first page to the last and full of sor­row, hap­pi­ness, kind­ness and heart­break” Zohar Laor,

“A marvellously panoramic story of how individuals dealt with the devastation of war”Damaskcat, Top 50 Reviewer

Arnhem, September 1944.

British Parachute Regiment Captain Sammy Parker and his platoon have fought bravely, but it was always a losing battle…the bridge they were sent to capture was unwinnable. After he and his men are forced into cattle trucks and transported across Germany on a three day journey without food or water, Sammy lashes out at an SS officer with brutal and devastating consequences…

Instead of spending the rest of his war as a POW, Sammy is sent to a concentration camp.

Spared an immediate death, he discovers first-hand the full horror of the final solution. Amongst the desperation and destitution of the camp, he encounters Naomi, a Jewish housewife from Dresden. Having seen her family murdered, Naomi has learned to survive by making the most unimaginable sacrifices. She is the woman who Sammy will come to depend on to survive himself.

But when the camp is finally liberated, the couple are separated and Sammy embarks on a journey across a continent devastated by war and wracked by ongoing tensions to find out what happened to the woman he loves.

Where to buy Pegasus Falling


Waterstones, Unit 73 Midsummer Place, Milton Keynes MK9 3GA (0843 290 8495)
Rye Books 45 Upland Road, London SE22 9EF (020 3581 1850)


Amazon (link will take you to your local Amazon store)
Smashwords (for most e-reader devices)
Kobo Books (link will take you to your local Kobo store)

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