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Back to earth with a bump

Hello everyone,

It’s been a crazy fortnight here in London, for more than just the most obvious reasons.

For the entire two weeks of the Olympics, I found my life turned completely upside-down and inside-out. Not one aspect of my usual daily routine was left untouched, which included the marketing campaign for the Cypress Branches books.

And it wasn’t just because the Olympics were on. As I reported back in July, I’ve been undertaking an internship at the Hand & Eye Letterpress in East London – an incredibly interesting and engaging experience which I will blog about in the next few days. I’ve also been getting ready to move house, so not only were my days taken up by commuting and learning new skills, but my evenings and weekends were consumed in carboard boxes and dealing with logistical nightmares!

And, of course, there was the inevitable distraction of the games themselves, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I managed to get tickets to the beach volleyball, which was a great experience. Unfortunately, being so busy, I didn’t get the chance to visit the Olympic Park itself during the fortnight, which is a shame. It would have been amazing to have experienced that atmosphere. But there was still a thrill watching it on the television, knowing that it was all happening just a few miles up the road (we could actually see the Opening Ceremony fireworks from the top floor of our flat). I managed to catch quite a lot of the action on TV, but it had to be a background thing – there was simply too much to do to be able to sit down and enjoy it properly.

I knew that the past fortnight was going to be difficult, and deliberately didn’t plan any activities for the books. And so it proved. I found myself with no spare time whatsoever, and I must admit that the momentum has been lost with the books.

Thankfully, in that period, more people have been reading Pegasus Falling and a couple more reviews have appeared on blogs and Goodreads. A massive thank you to Meg at A Bookish Affair and Joanna on Goodreads for their kind words.

But as London starts to adjust back to normal after a very peculiar, exciting and affirming two weeks, alas a return to normality for me is a while off yet. I fear another bout of radio silence is beckoning, as I disappear on holiday to Sweden next week – a break which is very overdue and I can’t wait to get away! So, this week is a case of try and catch up and get ready to head away again.

Keep an eye out for some exciting news in September regarding the second instalment of The Cypress Branches trilogy. I know that there are a lot of readers out there eagerly anticipating it and I’m chomping at the bit myself to get it out there…but there’s still so so much to do before it’s ready.

In the meantime, have you all read The Bridge yet? The short story which William wrote before embarking on the Cypress Branches is available as a free ebook from Smashwords, so if you can’t wait to get your teeth in to It Never Was You, there’s something to keep you going!

Happy reading!