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The Kindle Book Review – still alive and kicking

I received an email this morning from Jeff Bennington, the author and man behind The Kindle Book Review. In my self imposed media blackout, I’d missed the fact that the KBR had all but disappeared.

Apparently, the old Blogger-based site crashed and burned and couldn’t be recovered, but the team have battled valiantly and rebuilt the site on WordPress.

As many of you will know, Pegasus Falling is a Semi-Finalist in the KBR’s Indie Books of 2012 competition, so it great news for us that they’ve been able to re-build and even improve the website. We’re very excited about the announcement of the Finalists which is due on 1st September, and it’s great to hear that the website meltdown won’t affect the competition in any way.

So, if you’re a fan of The Kindle Book Review, or if you’ve never heard of it before and want to know more, head on over to their new site at

I can recommend it as a place to find some excellent independently-published books.

Congratulations to Jeff and the team, and all the best for the future of the site.

Happy reading!