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Book Bloggers Appreciation Week – a thank you

I only realised it was Book Bloggers Appreciation Week on Monday when I started to see the various posts appearing on all the wonderful blogs I’ve started to follow. Because it has been such a whirlwind of a week so far, I’m coming to the party quite late, but wanted to mark the occasion with my own tribute to a world which, up until 8 months ago, I knew virtually nothing about, but now I have a huge…appreciation for!

Bloggers have become a hugely important aspect of book marketing, and it has been fantastic to find so many generous bloggers out there who are willing to take a punt on a virtually unknown author like William – especially as it’s his grandson coming begging, and not the man himself! It can be a cut throat world out there for Indie authors and publishers and I certainly would not have been able to get the word out there about William’s books if it hadn’t been for the wonderful bloggers who have not only taken that punt, but come back with wonderful words of praise and encouragement.

I have met some great people behind the blogs, too. Great personalities, funny, clever, occasionally out-there bloggers, and yes, some are very good writers themselves. No blog is the same as the last, and I have loved discovering blogs which have taken a different approach to their reviews or the look of their site. I look forward to meeting more over the coming months and years.

Book blogs have become part of my every day routine now. I look forward to seeing updates appear in my inbox and check out new ones all the time. They are a wonderful source of books I would never have even come across, or necessarily considered if it hadn’t been for their erudite assessments.

It would be unfair to pick out individual bloggers for praise. Every single one who has not only read Pegasus Falling, but also┬átaken the time to tell the world what they thought is deserving of praise and my heartfelt thanks. I know many of the bloggers I have approached over the past year asking for a review had already been inundated with requests from the burgeoning world of Indies, and I am still amazed when they come back to me with an excited “yes please, I’d love to read your grandfather’s book!” It takes an enormous leap of faith to commit to reading a book written by a pensioner and self-published by his doting grandson, so honestly, thank you!

To all the bloggers I have met, and will meet soon, it has been, and continues to be an absolute pleasure sharing William’s work with you. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for you guys.