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2013 and all that – what to expect from the year ahead

2012 was a year of change for me. I left a job which I’d been doing for 10 years to concentrate on publishing the trilogy, I moved house…twice, studied a bit and learned a hell of a lot about an industry which I didn’t have much of a clue about before I started. It was a year for learning, for trying new things out, reaching out to new people, making friends, making mistakes, getting better at what I’m doing and figuring out how to achieve what I want in the future.
This year is bound to be different. It will be a year of building on the foundations which were laid last year, of learning from those mistakes I made, making the most of my new connections and moving the Cypress Branches project forward. It should be an exciting year, and I have high hopes for a successful and prosperous one, but my approach will have to be different.
2012 was kind to me in that I found myself in a position where I could afford to take time out of work to concentrate on Pegasus Falling. But I’m going to have to move forward with a lot less time and money available.
I have always been realistic and never expected to make much, if anything, from this project, and sure enough, I haven’t. The most important thing was to do justice to William’s work and get the books out there so that people could read them. I’m now well over half way to making that happen. 
Much as I’d love to, I won’t be able to work on the books full-time, as I have done this year. I wish I could, but if you think that publishing a book will lead to instant millionaire status and the easy life, then think again. It’s been a tough slog this year and there have been virtually no financial rewards to speak of.
The pot of gold which I found myself with last year was never going to last forever, and I no longer have the luxury of being able to treat the Cypress Branches as my job. I need to return to paid employment, which means going back to working on the books part-time.
The year I have spent foundation-building has been important and I’m certainly glad I did it. It means that there is an audience for the books, which will hopefully continue to grow, and that I’m now in a position – 10 months after the publication of Pegasus Falling – to publish It Never Was You. Considering it took the best part of three years to get Pegasus Falling off the ground, because I was doing it in fits and starts between work contracts, I’m very pleased with that kind of progress!
So, it’s hi-ho, hi-ho and back off to work I go. And I’m glad, actually. As much as I’ve enjoyed working from home and being my own boss, I do miss the work routine – especially the commute. (Call me mad, but it’s true. Honestly, last year was dire from a reading point of view. I always read on the train, and because I wasn’t commuting, I virtually stopped reading. I’ve now got a TBR pile that’s about to collapse and I’m looking forward to enjoying my morning and evening read again.)
But that doesn’t mean that the Cypress Branches project is on hold. Oh no, there’s plenty to look forward to! I’m now looking forward to building on those foundations laid in 2012 and starting to add bricks and mortar over the coming months.
So, what is the plan?

The blog

I’m planning to make much more use of the blog this year, and to create more exciting content for readers of the books. I’m hoping to post much more frequently – at least once a week, on average – and with content which is much more relevant to readers.
I’ve got plenty of ideas in the pipeline which I hope will allow readers and fans to find out more about William and his writing. There are plenty of themes to explore, characters to profile and history to delve in to, and my aim is to build up a collection of interesting articles and resources which readers can dip in and out of to enhance their reading experience.
To help readers find the posts, the pages (which you may have noticed popped up on the site just before Christmas) will be updated with links and I’ll look into adding “further reading” links to the bottom of posts, should readers want to continue exploring. The plan is that over the course of the year Pegasus Falling and It Never Was You will both have the beginnings of an extensive archive which (hopefully!) readers will find valuable.
I’ve got reading groups as well as individuals in mind here, and if any of you have got any suggestions, please do get in touch.

It Never Was You

I am on the cusp of announcing the details for the release of It Never Was You – part two of the trilogy. The paperback and ebook will be released in late February, but keep an eye out for posts in the run up to the release date which will include the cover reveal, extracts and an exploration of the themes.

Part Three

Although Part Three of the trilogy is still nameless and still requires a lot of editing, it is still my plan to release it later this year – hopefully in time for Christmas. That seems a long way off, but it’s actually a very tight deadline! I’m certain that when people have read It Never Was You, they’ll be baying for Part Three, and I don’t intend keeping them waiting too long. It will be an exciting day when I can say that William’s trilogy is finished, and I don’t want to wait either! Once It Never Was You has been published and the initial publicity push has quietened down, I’ll be ploughing straight on with Part Three. (The first job will be naming it!)

More interaction

I wish that William was able to interact with his readers personally, but alas, that is not possible.
As William’s grandson, and his publisher, I’m very keen to interact with more and more readers on his behalf. I’d love for readers to be able to get to know him better, and I’ll be writing a number of articles to allow that to happen over the coming year.
In the mean time, I would love to hear from you, so get in touch if you have a question, have something to share or if there is something in particular you’d like to know more about William and his books.
I’ll be keeping in touch with the brilliant bloggers I got to know in 2012, and I’m aiming to get to know even more over the next 12 months. The indie publishing game is all about networking, and I’m hoping that with the new content on the blog, more interaction on various forums, as well as the completion of the trilogy, I’ll be able to connect with more and more readers.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads have all been brilliant for connecting with readers and other authors, and I plan to continue ploughing that furrow through 2013. If you haven’t already, please follow / like / add us wherever you find us.
So, that’s the plan. Now to put it into action!
First up, look out next week for a very exciting post. I’ll be revealing the cover image of It Never Was You. Can’t wait!
Happy reading…

Happy New Year!

Happy new year, everyone! As ever, this is a time for reconciling the old, and thinking about what will happen in the year ahead.

Last week, I took a look back at some of the highlights of 2012 on Facebook and Twitter. If you missed it, here are the links to the highlights. They include posts from this here blog, some reviews from amazing blogs from both sides of the pond, and a series of interviews I did as part of the Best Indie Books blog tour in September. They’re all well worth a read, so feel free to look around. 

Tuesday 18th December: We started with one of Pegasus Falling‘s best reviews, courtesy of Zohar at
Wednesday 19th December: Author Juliette Hill’s interview with yours truly from September’s #BestIndieBook Festival
Thursday 20th December: Award-winning author Melissa Foster’s article about the power of cross promotion, and the huge success of the #BestIndieBook competition.
Friday 21st December: Another great interview with Mike by Amanda 
Socci on her blog, SocciWriter
Saturday 22nd December: The day Mike was invited on to Nick Coffer’s show on BBC Three Counties Radio to talk about Pegasus Falling

Sunday 23rd December: A look at the fantastic response the book has had on Goodreads. Check out some of the great reviews readers have left.

Monday 24th December: Anne Cater’s wonderful review on her brilliant blog, Random Things Through My Letterbox. If you haven’t seen Anne’s blog before, it’s well worth a look. Earlier in the year, one random thing
landing on Anne’s doormat was Pegasus Falling. As you can tell from the
review, I think she liked it!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I owe a huge thank you to everyone who read, reviewed, commented on, hosted and supported the book throughout the year. I could not have hoped for a better reception to William’s work, and I certainly couldn’t have made 2012 such a success without the myriad of people who gave up their time to help us out. I wish I could have included all links to all reviews here, because frankly, every single one means a heck of a lot. 

So what of the future? Well, tomorrow I’ll be posting about what you can expect from acute Angle books in 2013. 2012 was quite spectacular in many ways, and with the second and third instalment of the Cypress Branches trilogy due out this year, 2013 promises to be even better.

Stay tuned!

Happy reading,

Merry Christmas!

On behalf of William, Mike and the Thomas family, we wish all of our readers, followers, supporters, bloggers, authors, friends and family a very merry Christmas and happy holidays. 

We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone for the support, encouragement and advice they have given us in 2012. We couldn’t have made it such a successful year without you! 

Let’s raise a toast to 2013 – may it be a happy, healthy, prosperous and exciting year for everyone…

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