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New website coming soon

Hello to everyone out there who has stumbled across this brand new website – and thanks for taking an interest!

Some of you will have found your way here whilst looking for That site has now been closed and this one is being prepared to take its place. The Cypress Branches Limited Edition hardback is still available to buy, but not online for the time being (it will be once we’re up and running again). If you’re after a copy, please email

As you’ll see, the site is still very much in the “being built” stage and there is still a lot to do to get it ready for launch. The aim is to get it up and running in plenty of time to use it as a launch pad for Pegasus Falling – the first installment in what will eventually become the Cypress Branches trilogy – which is due out in early/mid 2012.

Any of you familiar with the old website – – will notice a fair number of changes. When The Cypress Branches was launched in 2009, the website was hurriedly put together using limited skills and resources. This time, we’re planning to put all the experience learned to good use and create a much more professional looking and behaving site.

So why the change of web address? Well, The Cypress Branches is just one of four books due to be released, so it made sense to create a site for the company rather than just one book. As Acute Angle Books, we can add more products under the same banner and make it easier for people to find William’s work.

We’re planning some exciting features on the new site which will start to appear over the coming months. These include:

* A fully integrated shop – where you’ll be able to buy all of the books online easily (which will also work across multiple platforms, I’m promised, including mobiles & iPads…fingers crossed!)
* A forum – to chat with friends and other readers about the books
* Social networking buttons – so you can “Like” us and share the book with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers
* Frequently asked questions page – to answer all those niggly questions you might have
* Links – to share some of the great websites of our friends and fellow entrepreneurs

As work progresses, more information will appear on the blog. We’ll also continue to send out the Cypress Branches newsletter – in fact, a newsletter will be sent out later this month with all the news regarding the launch of Pegasus Falling. If you don’t already receive the newsletter and would like to be added to the mailing list, please send an email to stating you wish to join.

In the mean time, feel free to comment, ask questions and make suggestions below. They’re all gratefully received.

By for now,